Pest control is nothing to put off or take lightly. Most insects and creatures can cause great harm. Some can contaminate food with illness-causing bacteria, or transmit diseases. Others can ruin your belongings, such as clothes or furniture, with their chewing habits. Many can do both; make you sick and tear up your things. Termites are some of the most destructive bugs there are, eating away at the wood of homes and businesses in Reno and across the country.

Each year, termites create a five-billion-dollar bill for Americans. This amount is not an exaggeration; five billion is spent annually trying to recover from the damage these critters cause. If you're thinking insurance plans are a recourse to curb this cost, you’d be wrong. The majority of insurance companies don’t include termite damage in their coverage. That said, it would be wise to read about proper protection methods from Pestmaster® Services.

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What Do Termites Look Like? What Are the Signs of Infestation?

Eastern subterranean termites are quite common in Reno. Their colonies consist of workers, soldiers, and swarmers, with workers making up the largest part of the camp. They are a tiny one-eighth of an inch long. The grayish-white or white specimens do most of the leg work. Soldiers are around the same size and are a yellow-brown. They have distinct defensive jaws and large heads. Both of these types remain out of sight behind walls, and why property owners often aren’t aware of their intrusions until the damage is done. Swarmers will be visible because they fly from the nest in the spring to mate and forge new colonies.

Swarmers come in brown, black, or yellow. Their half-inch long bodies have translucent, scaly wings. You’ll likely notice them emerging from holes in foundations, or fluttering around light sources. If you spot just one, you probably have an infestation very close by. Other key signs are:

  • The discoloration or sagging of drywall.

  • Seeing pin-point openings, maze-like patterns, and mud tubes in walls.

  • Floorboards and tiles that become loose or flimsy.

  • Paint that looks affected by water.

  • Injured or hollow wood.

  • Finding shed swarmer wings.

  • Having doors and window frames that are tight-fittin.

How Can You Prevent Termites?

Given how termites function, being diligent about preventive techniques is essential. Otherwise, you could have a disaster on your hands. You must focus on building and property maintenance:

  • Repair or remove any wood that is water damaged, decaying, or impaired.

  • If there are any moisture sources making wood damp, such as a leak, have it fixed.

  • Find and seal holes around pipes, utility lines, and foundations.

  • Put screens on exterior vents, and clean them regularly. Wash your gutters out too.

  • Stored wood, like fire logs, should be placed two feet or more from the property.

  • Keep loose wood up off the soil.

  • Groom your greenery often and distance it from exterior doors. Discard yard debris.

What Can Pestmaster® Services Do About Termites?

Termites require intricate treatments that only a professional company like Pestmaster® Services can provide. “Do it yourself” methods and commercial store products often only address the issue on the surface, and work temporarily. Our solutions are far more effective and wide-reaching.

Our skilled technicians will wisely select an approach that fits your needs. Options include bait stations, and soil or localized borate treatments. We also have plans that consist of real estate pre-construction care, wood-destroying organism inspections, and property repairs. The best part is that all of these choices come with a warranty!

For over 40 years, we’ve kept homes and businesses critter-free. We look forward to assisting you next. Don’t let your place fall victim to horrible termites! Call us today!

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