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fly on a plant

Reno's Complete Guide To Effective Fly Control

September 15, 2020

What’s worse than a fly in the ointment? Most would say a fly in your house. Or even worse, a dozen flies in your house. For most people, one fly is one fly too many, but that one fly will quickly multiply and populations can quickly turn into uncontrolled infestations. Learn how to control fly populations in your Reno home with this complete guide.... Read More

bed bug on sheets

Why You Should Call Professionals When It Comes To Bed Bugs In Your Reno Home

August 28, 2020

Bed bugs are particularly disgusting pests because they tend to hide in mattresses and bite people at night. This can leave Reno homeowners with small bite marks and restless nights. While bed bugs are small, knowing what they look like and how to identify them can help you know for sure if you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation.... Read More

a mosquito biting a human

What Reno Property Owners Need To Know For Effective Mosquito Control

July 20, 2020

Mosquitoes are considered to be the most dangerous animals on the planet. Experts estimate that more than a million people in the world die from diseases spread by mosquitoes annually. As Americans, we are fortunate. We seem to be winning the war on mosquitoes. But we are not entirely protected. Mosquito-related deaths do occur in the United States.... Read More

a termite crawling through damaged wood

The Complete Guide To Identifying Termite Problems Around Your Reno Home

July 10, 2020

These days it seems like there are unknown and invisible dangers around every corner. While this hasn’t always been the case, termites are Mother Nature’s original “silent destroyers”. These invasive pests often spend years growing their colonies from the inside out, wreaking havoc behind our walls without giving away the game.... Read More

fire ant infestation

The Trick To Effective Fire Ant Control For Your Reno, NV Property

June 16, 2020

Out of all the ants that live here in Reno, fire ants are by far the most painful to deal with. Equipped with stingers and the ability to bite, these tiny bugs pose real problems for homeowners and their yards. If you are having trouble with fire ants around your Reno property, we have some advice that is sure to help you give them the boot.... Read More