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Pest Control For Reno's Government Agencies

Pestmaster® Services is proud to be a pest control provider for government facilities throughout Reno and Washoe County, Nevada. Our pest management professionals service over 100 governmental facilities, including the DOD, DOE, Army Corp of Engineers, U.S. Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, the State Department, and more.

GSA-Approved Pest Control Provider

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Our company is proud to announce its inclusion on the exclusive list of providers for goods and services, as defined by The United States General Services Administration (GSA).

Starting in 2001, Pestmaster® Services secured its spot on the list as one of only 11 providers contracted to provide pest management and related services to the United States Government. With this contract, we’re part of an exclusive list of vendors pre-qualified to provide pest management, mosquito control, termite control, weed control, and other pest control related services as needed by the United States Government.

Our status as a GSA-Approved pest control provider allows us to offer shortened procurement times with pre-established pricing. Standard procurement times can take as long as 270 days, if not longer. With the GSA schedule, the time decreases to less than two weeks.

Our federal customers benefit from this greatly since pest control is an urgent matter that requires an immediate response and action. Thanks to the GSA schedule, we can promptly and efficiently take the necessary action to ensure that all of our locations can service government facilities without delay.

Our Pestmaster® Services GSA contract is available to review above. Current items on our schedule include:

  • Hourly pest control

  • Monthly or quarterly pest control service by square footage

  • Termite inspections, fumigation, and subterranean termite control

  • Mosquito larvae surveillance and adult treatment

  • Selective, non-selective, and pre-emergent herbicide applications

  • Noxious or exotic weed control (Arundo, Donax, Tamarisk, etc.)

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Our Government Service Options

At Pestmaster® Services, we provide pest control services for every conceivable need, including the following:

  • Common pests

  • Rodents

  • Vegetation management

  • Aquatic weeds and algae

  • Health-related services

  • Decontamination

  • Risk reduction and mitigation

Guaranteed Results Within Parameters

At Pestmaster® Services of Reno, NV, we know how strict your operating parameters are for your agency. As such, our pest management professionals are both trained and equipped to provide the pest control results you need in the way you need them while remaining within your requirements. Our commitment to providing the best experience possible ensures we deliver a high level of service and protection that is unmatched.